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In a room lined with pink flamingo wallpaper and showcasing head-to-toe monochrome outfits, you’ll find stylist Meri Milash. Colors are her life. Ensconced in an office that abounds with delightful details, she even built herself a pink cubicle. We visited Meri’s plush HQ and talked about favorite colors, styles and what her office means to her.

You're a stylist, influencer, podcast host and hairstylist, so you move from place to place and job to job. Tell us how your office supports such variety in your everyday?

This is the home base for our agency, All Good Nordic. It’s ground-zero for everything we do – we sit down around the big table to do the groundwork; designing styles and collaborations. Both the office side and the 'fashion' side co-exist in this space, between me and Fatma, and it’s always in a state of flux. This space is also a safe space for us all, a secure and permanent place that serves as a hub and haven amid changing shoot locations. On Fridays, we gather around the same table to unwind from the week.

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There’s lots of colorful furniture here. Tell us about it.

We found these orange Yrjö Kukkapuro chairs at and bought all six. The big wooden tables are from the Levi’s showroom. These were originally leather factory desks, one of which is still in original condition. X-GLASS, a family-run business in Porvoo, custom-made the glass tops for the desks, as well as the giant mirror we wanted. Marimekko's pink flower design has a really lovely softness to it. I wanted that softness here too.

What's your favourite place in the office?

When the weather permits, we’re out with all our neighbours in the courtyard with our laptops. The sun shines into it for most of the day and it's lovely. Once we even moved our photoshoot there from inside. Wonderful things happen in courtyards.

Inside the office, Fatma and I often stay on our respective sides, by the wardrobe and the make-up table. Or we lie on the sofa.

You're a colorful dresser and you’re not afraid to cut a dash. What kind of decorator are you?

We have a lot of showy objects, furniture and details in our home that are very colorful. For example, we have a huge, bright yellow sofa, and my daughter's room is all pink. Yet I wouldn't say I'm a colorful decorator. Our apartment is white from floor to ceiling and the kitchen is gray and white. I like a bit of restraint – that might surprise you! But we always have flowers to add color and, for example, small details like Riedel champagne glasses, all with different colored feet. Since we have a lot of colorful stuff, I don't think anyone thinks of the rooms as white.

What's your favourite color right now?

I have seasons. Admittedly, it’s often a red season – but only when it comes to clothes. I can't explain why, it's a bit strange. In spring, pastel shades are interesting and I find myself grabbing tie-dyed things. But I have to admit I can't name one favorite color. If I had to, I'd say glitter – I could always wear head-to-toe glitter!

I have a very strong relationship with colors, very intense. Colors are the salvation of my everyday life. I always feel better when I dress in colors.

How do you use colors?

I have a very strong relationship with colors, very intense. Colors are the salvation of my everyday life. I always feel better when I dress in colors. I wear a lot of bright head-to-toe sets. I especially enjoy wearing entirely green and pink outfits. People usually say they want to dress discreetly – I seem to want to be a landmark.

You work a lot on fashion and style choices. If you could change one thing about Finnish style, what would you change?

Fear. The "I can't, I can't" mentality. People tend to think of themselves through others. My advice is to always think in terms of no one cares what you're wearing except yourself. The fear of negative attention is entirely in your head. Besides, in my opinion, bright and flashy colors will only draw positive attention.

If Meri Milash was a dress style, what style would she be?

Dressing to suit her mood. I could go out in a garbage bag. And the next day go to the grocery store looking like I was going to a gala. I'd walk to the store in my gala outfit and come home. I'm aligned with that feeling.

Meri's choice: 023 FRANCIS – Cold rose

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