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How to paint a wall

How to paint a wall - Cover Story NL

Simply changing the color of your walls can give the decor and atmosphere of your home a total reboot. Painting your walls is also a relatively easy and affordable way to freshen up your space. Even the slightest nuance in a wall color can transform the mood of the interior, bringing your space together in a new way.

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Before you start – Everything you need to paint a wall


  • Roller and paintbrush
  • Masking tape
  • Roll of protective paper or newspaper
  • Paint tray
  • Extension arm
  • A can or more of Cover Story paint in a color you love
Keep it easy by ordering an EPISODE supply kit with your paints. Because it takes time to find quality painting supplies from a hardware store, we’ve put together three different sizes of supply kit for all your needs.

Calculate and estimate

Once you've found your favourite shade of Cover Story paints, estimate the surface area to be painted. The amount of paint you need can be calculated by multiplying the width of the surface to be painted by its height, then subtracting estimates for windows, fixtures and doors. Remember to double the square metres, as two coats of paint will give you the best results.

Or you can just use our Paint Calculator.


Priming is usually only necessary for the first treatment of a surface. With self-priming Cover Story paints, you can paint a new shade on top of old paint without a separate primer.

How to paint an interior wall – Prepare the surface

The key to a beautiful finish is careful preparation. Start by moving any paintings and furniture away from the wall you're painting. The more space you have to paint, the more comfortable and efficient you’ll be.

If the wall is dusty or dirty, clean it and wipe down the mouldings. Fill dents and scratches with sealer. 

Use masking tape to carefully line the mouldings and wall edges of the area to be painted. Also tape around wall plugs and light switches. A roll of protective paper will speed up preparations.

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Painting instructions – Paint the surface

Start by stirring your paint thoroughly to get an even consistency. Don’t worry about any oil that may have accumulated on the paint, as natural oil may rise to the surface in plastic-free paints. Careful mixing will even out the consistency, then you’re ready to pour the paint into the paint tray.

First, paint the edges you've taped with a paintbrush or small roller. Also paint around wall plugs and light switches to make it easier to do large surfaces with the roller.
Cover Story Journal How to seinän maalausCarefully dip the small roller or brush into the paint and remove any excess. A paint roller makes it quicker to paint the edges of walls and the ceiling, but paint brushes are particularly useful for painting sockets and light switches (a paint brush is also great for painting radiators. Read more about how to paint a radiator here). Once you've painted the edges and corners of the wall, put your larger roller to work.

If using an extension arm (our solid recommendation!), attach the roller to the extension arm. Dip the roller in the deep end of the tray before rolling towards the front of the tray to remove excess paint. This prevents paint from splashing on the floor and ensures a smooth finish. 
Cover Story Journal How to seinän maalausRoll vertically, a few rolls width at a time, from the ceiling line downwards, then from the floor upwards, completing a small section then working your way along the wall.  

Tip! Apply paint liberally and be careful not to over dry the roller. The most common mistake is to roll with a dry roller, which can result in an uneven finish.
Cover Story Journal How to seinän maalausohjeOnce the first coat is finished, allow the surface to dry for 1–2 hours before you apply another coat. Most walls shouldn’t require more than two coats.

Remove the tape as soon as you’re finished painting, while the wall is still damp and drying. Tape comes off easily at a 45 degree angle. The painted surface will be dry in a few hours, but to be safe, wait overnight before re-hanging any paintings. As you may have already noticed, Cover Story's paints are odourless, so you can breathe easy in your own bed that same night.

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