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Crafting a Brighter Future with Teym

Crafting a Brighter Future with Teym
Maxime Cartens, the founder of the Amsterdam-based clothing brand Teym, loves orange and pink, and cycling trips on the outskirts of Amsterdam. The walls of the responsible clothing brand's new brick-and-mortar store feature shades of yellow. Take a glimpse into the world of Teym with us.

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Share the story behind the inception of your clothing brand, Teym!

Since a young age, I've wandered through antique markets, seeking out unique treasures. My mother once owned a boutique where she sold designs from the 1950s and 1960s. I find myself longing to revisit that boutique now that I'm the same age she was back then. I'm drawn to designs that withstand the test of time, remaining as relevant today as they were decades ago.

After gaining experience as a designer at a prominent industry name, I founded Teym as a response to the current unsustainable fashion industry. My goal with Teym is to create an impeccably high-quality wardrobe that transcends trends and seasons, ensuring its lasting relevance. Everyday life serves as my muse, and my camera roll is a repository of spontaneous snapshots capturing intriguing color combinations, shapes, and hues.

Could you elucidate the fundamental ideology that underpins Teym?

Teym is elevating sustainable fashion to new heights by curating One Impeccable Wardrobe. One piece at a time, I'm bringing to life the items I've spent years in pursuit of. Crafted within our Amsterdam atelier and produced in Europe, Teym's offerings epitomize exceptional design, expert craftsmanship, ethical production, all offered at a fair price point.

Currently, which color or combination of colors sparks your creative inspiration?

Among my all-time favorite color pairings is the fusion of orange and pink.

What significance do these colors hold in your creative vision?

These colors exude an immediate sense of joy that never loses its allure. My living space, and naturally, my store as well, is infused with vibrant hues. I'm captivated by the ability of color to infuse both value and ambiance into a given space.

Could you share some of your favorite places and tips for enjoying Amsterdam!

Just outside the outskirts of Amsterdam are several charming, verdant villages that I've completely fallen for. My family and I love cycling there to unwind and take a refreshing dip in the IJ. Enjoying breakfast at Niemeyer and exploring the antique market at Amstelveld are also integral parts of my ideal day in Amsterdam.

Maxime's choice: 030 VIRGINIA022 EVELYN, 005 KIM

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