Cover Story x Iittala

In collaboration with a pioneer of Nordic design, the Cover Story x Iittala collection presents six interior paint shades inspired by Iittala’s glass colors archives and the aesthetics of Nordic design. These shades transport you from the depths of the forest to the bluest summer skies.


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i01 EEVA - Verf - Cover Story NLi01 EEVA - Verf - Cover Story NL
i01 EEVA Sale priceSample €2,00
i02 TOINI - Verf - Cover Story NLi02 TOINI - Verf - Cover Story NL
i02 TOINI Sale priceSample €2,00
i03 VOLTER - Verf - Cover Story NLi03 VOLTER - Verf - Cover Story NL
i03 VOLTER Sale priceSample €2,00
i04 OLAVI - Verf - Cover Story NLi04 OLAVI - Verf - Cover Story NL
i04 OLAVI Sale priceSample €2,00
i05 LAILA - Verf - Cover Story NLi05 LAILA - Verf - Cover Story NL
i05 LAILA Sale priceSample €2,00
i06 EINOi06 EINO - Verf - Cover Story NL
i06 EINO Sale priceSample €2,00

The essence of color

Colors play a key role for both Iittala and Cover Story. Iittala is an internationally recognized expert in color glass and Cover Story is an interior paint professional. Both brands are united by what makes up the ultimate essence of color: that the perception of colour never stops but the experience is always unique and caught up in the moment. The collaborative collection stems from the brands’ strong understanding of colors and their impact on space and mood.