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Ebbs and flows: My life in color

Ebbs and flows: My life in color - Cover Story NL

Writer and interior stylist Selina Vienola dives into her life in colors. Inspired by the play of light and color, she explores moments of everyday life explaining how interwoven colors inspire and unite the surrounding nature and architecture.

Selina Vienola Väri-inspiraatio

Selina Vienola väri-inspiraatio

At the cusp of the New Year, I stood by the open sea, watching the snowfall blur the skyline and tint the sea and sky a soft and restful gray. In the same landscape, ever changing, can be found not only my favorite grays, but also my favorite blues; the gentle blue of a calm summer day and the deep bright blue of a windy day, and my favorite greens, stormy green and the translucent, glassy green of waves crashing on the shore. Then there’s also the Thesleff Sea of summer evenings, reflecting the pastel hues of sunset.

Selina Vienola väri-inspiraatio

Since my childhood, I have experienced colors in a powerful way. I have always been good at looking close, at finding beauty in what is within our daily reach. 

It’s not only nature, but also the built environment that offers daily experiences of color. Light changes colors - and our surroundings - with the time of day and the seasons. I enjoy the blue moments of spring-to-winter when I walk through the streets of Töölö. Soon I’ll begin looking forward to clear skies, against which the pastel stripes of the 20th century buildings in the residential districts will emerge into the  light.

Selina Vienola väri-inspiraatio

Selina väri-inspiraatio

Colors evoke emotions and have a strong influence on the way a space feels at home. 

My child was two years old when he said at breakfast: "Mummy, look! That house over there is boring beige, but morning makes it a lovely pink!!!" Year after year, we’re entranced by the pink of the dawn light.

Selina Vienola Väri-inspiraatio

Colors are not just about separate shades, and I have neither a favorite color nor a dislike. It all depends on context. The experience of color is strongly influenced by where it appears and what it is juxtaposed with. The same shade looks and feels different depending on the material and the place. 

Colors also affect me differently at different times. When I was expecting my firstborn, I started to feel sick every time I looked at an optical artwork hanging on the wall. The contrast between red and green caused such a strong reaction that I eventually had to put the piece out of my sight. Only recently has it regained its popularity.

Selina Vienola väri-inspiraatio

At home, I enjoy building color parallels. A delicious combination can be created as much from an earthy palette as from matching broken tones with bright colors. You don't have to do everything yourself and chance has a place here too.

 At this time of year, on sunny days, the living room wall becomes a phenomenon of light. Around one in the afternoon, for a fleeting moment, the light reflected from the prism on the windowsill brings a whole rainbow of colors into our home.

Selina Vienola is a Helsinki based creative consult, interior stylist and
writer creating concepts both visually and verbally. With her background
in art history she's specialized in visual cultures, especially in interiors, design,
art and architecture.

Selina's choices: 020 FRANZ and 026 AGATHA

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